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Experience the benefits of holistic health & well-being coaching and harness the power of self-care to make wellness a way of life.

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Health & Well-Being Coaching

Health & Well-Being Coaching encompasses all aspects of your being, including physical health, values, goals, fulfillment, and life-purpose.


Coaches in this field assist clients with various health concerns, such as weight loss, stress reduction, chronic condition management, diet and exercise improvement, tobacco cessation, addiction recovery and adapting to significant health events.


Working together as a team, coaches and clients identify individual needs and strengths, developing a personalized action plan for positive transformations.  Coaches are the experts in guiding the behavioral change process, and clients are the experts on their own lives, values and health goals.




The core responsibilities of Health & Well-Being Coaches include attentive listening, asking powerful questions, providing a safe and nonjudgmental space for clients to explore emotions and beliefs, empowering clients to set goals and drive the process, guiding them in overcoming obstacles, challenging limiting beliefs, and encouraging them to tap into their resources and support systems.


Health & Well-Being Coaches complement the work of healthcare professionals and bridge the gaps in the healthcare system. They do not diagnose or prescribe medication.

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