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Executive & Forum Retreats

Discover the Power of Executive Mindfulness

Feeling the pressure of leadership? Stress, burnout, and lack of focus got you down? I get it.


I know that taking care of yourself can feel like a luxury—but it isn't. Studies show that leaders who prioritize wellness are not only more focused but also more successful. It's not a waste of time; it's an investment in your success.

Forum Retreats

With 20 years experience working with EO/YPO Forums and executive roundtables, I understand what it takes to help your Forum grow together, build ROI and create a safe space to truly relax and heal. Let's talk about how I can help up-level your retreat with custom programs lasting 1/2 day-2 days.

Executive Team Retreats

Together with Liz Ashley of Align, we tackle stress and burnout head-on by fostering open communication, collaboration, and mutual support. Because a strong team is a resilient team.

  • Mindful Leadership: Develop a wellness action plan and enhance leadership skills through mindfulness practices. Why? Because clarity in goals and strategic thinking lead to unstoppable success.

  • Cohesive and Resilient Teams: Cultivate a squad of mindful executives who are not only resilient but also driven by values. Because a team that's both strong and aligned is a force to be reckoned with.

Ready to transform your leadership team? Whether it's a half-day, full-day, or a retreat marathon, let's chat. Your team's next level of success is just a conversation away!

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