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Meet Renee

After two challenges with the standard healthcare system left her feeling disillusioned and frustrated, Renee decided it was time to explore alternative healing modalities.


Carefully researching acupuncture, nutrition, chiropractic, counseling, massage therapy and yoga she felt empowered to branch out from conventional medicine and discover healing treatments and preventive strategies that led her (and her family) to a life of improved health and well-being. Cultivating this sense of personal empowerment and self-reliance is a cornerstone of her work as a Health & Well-Being Coach.

The power of coaching comes from our ability to learn to trust ourselves and create a life of maximum health and vitality. Renee is dedicated to helping clients create lasting change and embrace mindful awareness, thus enabling them to live with strength and grace.

Throughout her career, Renee has noticed common aspirations among her diverse clientele —a strong emphasis on various aspects of health, including family well-being, business vitality, and nurturing relationships. As a Health & Well-Being Coach trained at Duke Health, she possesses 15+ years experience working with executive Forums (peer-groups), leading teams, facilitating workshops, coaching leadership skills, and delivering highly impactful educational content.


In addition to her coaching credentials, Renee is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and  Reiki Master, enabling her to seamlessly integrate movement, meditation, and visualization into her clients' practices. This holistic approach creates a comprehensive experience that fosters overall well-being.

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